Welcome to UBIKA!

Protecting your web applications and APIs, however they are developed and wherever they are deployed, is UBIKA’s reason for being. We have been contributing to the successful transformation of our customers for over 20 years, under different names. If you publish APIs to facilitate business interoperability, create innovative cloud-based services and manage mission-critical applications, let us help you secure them!

UBIKA stands for ubiquity

Internet facing web sites, web-enabled legacy applications, cloud-based and SaaS apps, modern APIs and mobile apps are critical to an organization’s ability to engage the members of its ecosystem, to ensuring the lasting loyalty of its customers and constituents. They enable the creation and delivery of value for both you and them, day in and day out, no interruptions allowed. Protecting those assets is clearly not an option, it’s a must. However recent and modern they may be, these apps will be scanned for vulnerabilities and attacked, by bots and humans. The availability, integrity, privacy and confidentiality of the data they process, the crown jewels of your organization and the fuel of the 21st century, depends on your ability to prevent those attacks from succeeding.


At UBIKA, we believe application security has to be ubiquitous. While ubiquity is not affordable to us mortal men, it can be achieved for software. Because applications have evolved a lot in the last 20 years, so have we. We have made our time proven Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) technology agnostic of cloud platforms and programming languages; we have automated it and scaled it. We support all software form factors and have embraced the “everything as code” paradigm, with a view to helping you protect all your apps, wherever they are deployed (on prem, in the cloud and both), whether they are legacy apps, modern REST APIs or cloud-native applications based on micro-services and containers.


Ubiquitous security means ensuring all your apps enjoy the appropriate level of protection, adjusted to their risk exposure and criticality. Be it against bad bots, scanners and human attackers, the exploitation of inevitable software vulnerabilities or on-going attempts at tampering with the logic of your digital services. It means embracing the security by design approach, shifting security left in your Continuous Integration and Deployment processes, building protection within the very code of the software you are purchasing or building yourselves to run your business.

UBIKA also stands for growth!

In today’s global and open economy, being agile is critical to remaining relevant in the face of potentially disruptive competition. Organizations leverage the cloud, APIs, mobile apps, DevOps processes to reinvent themselves, modernize their business model, test new things, improve fast, identify new ways to create value.

At UBIKA, we fully adhere to this philosophy of continuous improvement. Because we’re here to help for the long run, we have also transformed. Hence the new name, UBIKA, which also means growth and development in hindi. Our philosophy of “software for life” means we’ll always be there for you, working closely with you to invent the future of application security. We are dedicated to helping our customers and partners adjust to the new challenges they face and the innovative approaches they embark on. Our ambition is to deliver the technology you need to create scalable and secure digital services for today and tomorrow.

A warm welcome to UBIKA!

Stéphane de Saint Albin, CEO of UBIKA