UBIKA WAAP Gateway / On Prem Edition

Protect your mission-critical applications and APIs from advanced cyber threats with powerful custom workflows

  • Graphic workflow technology
  • Enhance security
  • Detecting malicious bots
  • Avoid false positives
  • Adapt to IP Reputation
  • Customize dashboards

What is possible with UBIKA WAAP Gateway?

01 Graphical workflow technology

Develop security policies with our graphical workflow technology

UBIKA WAAP Gateway has a graphic intelligent management interface that allows you to visualize traffic processing and flow. Chain multiple security engines through the workflow for accurate detection and reduced false positive rate. Plus, you can switch from blocking to logging mode on all or part of the security policy with a single click.

02 Strengthen security

Strengthen API security with additional engines

The solution allows validating JSON/XML structure using schemas and paths using OpenAPI validation. In addition, the optional Advanced Package feature enables additional engines in the workflow to enhance your API security and extend it to custom applications and machine-to-machine communication. The Advanced Package allows enterprises and public authorities to retain the agile advantage of API-based development while ensuring security and compliance.

03 Detecting malicious bots

Detect and mitigate malicious bots, to ensure legitimate traffic

Malicious human-like bots, which are difficult to detect, are the source of most attacks on the web. Bot mitigation is an intelligent feature that verifies the source of a traffic request (a human or a machine), then controls the request via a challenge-based protection technique.

04 Avoiding false positives

Avoid false positives with automatic and advanced resolution

The more accurate a security model is in identifying an attack, the lower the number of false positives. Not only is the speed of exception creation important, so is its accuracy. The auto-resolve feature automatically creates accurate exceptions in security exception profiles and allows for the resolution of one to several hundred logs at once.

05 Adapt to IP Reputation

Adapt to IP Reputation, user behavior and context-specific scenarios.

The solution uses Webroot’s real-time threat intelligence database to protect customers from IP threats. It handles both blacklists (deny lists) and whitelists (permission lists). It can work with OpenAPI files and enforce them on traffic. In addition, it uses the scoring model to increment a score so that if the score is greater than the defined limit, the request is blocked and redirected.

06 Customize dashboards

Define and customize dashboards for advanced monitoring and reporting.

UBIKA WAAP Gateway monitors user activity in context to prevent attacks on application logic and blocks anomalous behavior. The reports combine executive, managerial and technical level views, support customizable templates and show the evolution (diff) over time. They are available in four different formats (PDF, XML, CSV and MHT) and in multiple languages.

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The challenges of traditional web application firewalls (WAFs)

Reducing false positives

Most WAFs do not offer a simple way to manage false positives, resulting in high administrative costs.

Block 0-days

OWASP Top 10 list attacks, zero-day attacks, API security threats, etc. are still a major threat to web applications.

Fix vulnerabilities in production

It takes more than a month to fix a critical vulnerability. Updating an application to fix it can have side effects and affect the business.

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