Scale beyond your data centers while reducing risks of vendor lock in. 

Why is it significant?

Our approach

Ubika enables you to combine your on-premises infrastructure with a public cloud. After setting up, you can use a cloud load balancer to spread the load over both the regions. If you have several application instances, it is always safer to deploy the WAAP close to the application. You can facilitate the protection of your application in the public cloud using Ubika WAAP Cloud, deployed in public marketplaces (like AWS, Azure, and GCP).

The other way would be to combine a private cloud with a public cloud. In cases where the same application resides in the public and private cloud, a SaaS WAAP like Ubika WAAP SaaS would be ideal to manage your security effortlessly.

Powerful results of our approach

Reliable private cloud model

for enterprises that want to protect sensitive data in private servers of their data center.

GDPR compliance

With private cloud, EU citizens know exactly where data is hosted, the way it is processed and protected, thanks to GDPR.

Flexibility of public cloud

by processing less-sensitive transactions in it and keeping the more sensitive data in-house.

Highly available VMs, 24 hours a day

for organizations that need flexibility

Powerful volumetric anti-DDoS protection

thanks to the big public cloud environments.

Price Flexibility

Pay as you go pricing model offers high flexibility and warrants scalability of your applications.

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