UBIKA WAAP Gateway / Cloud Edition

Protect your cloud-deployed applications and APIs from advanced cyber threats with powerful custom workflows.

  • Secure applications at the cutting edge of technology
  • Automate your infrastructure
  • Optimize costs
  • Integrate deployment into DevOps

Want to take a Cloud-first approach?

01 State-of-the-art application security

Get the best application security available with UBIKA Gateway

The solution uses a one-size-fits-all, agnostic security approach across different environments, while adjusting specifics as needed.

  • Isoperimeter functionality in physical, VM or Cloud
  • Ability to combine deployment modes
02 Automate your infrastructure

Automate the deployment of your infrastructure in the cloud

  • The solution is present on the marketplaces of the major Cloud providers. (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Terraform deployment templates are available and configurable
03 Optimize costs

Optimize costs in the development and execution phases – by being DevSecOps oriented.

The solution uses a DevSecOps approach with API deployment, automation and auto-scaling.

  • Auto-scaling: add / remove instances based on load.
  • Two types of licensing: bring-your-own license (BYOL) & pay-as-you-go (PAYG) that improve cost predictability and internal cost allocation.
04 Integrating deployment into DevOps.

Integrate deployment and security into your DevOps cycles

UBIKA WAAP Cloud leverages Infrastructure-as-Code and configuration orchestration to make application security industrial.

  • Orchestration and deployment of applications/APIs via the built-in REST API
  • Importing OpenAPI v3 files; full CI/CD integration

UBIKA WAAP Gateway Advanced Package

Our bespoke security modules provide the highest level of protection for your business, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your operations. Choose the UBIKA WAAP Gateway Advanced Package for complete, customised protection for your applications.

White list - Open API3

Are you concerned about the security of your APIs? Do you want to implement your API security policy easily? Do you want to protect your organisation against the most common API attacks?

  • Improve the security of your APIs.
  • Apply a security whitelist.
  • Enable collaboration between your development teams.
  • Easy, human-readable generation: OpenAPI 3 allows you to define your API endpoints, parameters and responses in a machine-readable format that is easily converted and human-readable
  • .

WebSockets flow security

Securing WebSockets is essential to protect against security threats such as cross-site scripting (XSS), injection attacks and data breaches.

  • Secure WebSocket traffic.
  • Block WebSockets messages completely.

API encryption

The API Encryption module strengthens the protection of the integrity of APIs owned and used by customers. This functionality is directly integrated into UBIKA WAAP Gateway using the same worflow configuration.

  • Advanced filtering of XML and JSON APIs.
  • Jeton Web JSON to integrate industry standards for authentication
    API authentication standards (OAuth, OpenID Connect).
  • Validation of JSON / XML schemas (checking data content conformity).
  • Obfuscation, filtering and manipulation of JSON / XML data.
  • XML encryption, signing and XSLT.

Use case for a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy


Support regular internal traffic while dealing with traffic spikes in one or more public clouds.


Keep sensitive transactions and data in-house, while processing less sensitive transactions in one or more public clouds.


Automatically scale to your peak loads.

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