Defend against DDoS attacks

Boost your security with our anti-DDoS protection that automatically adapts to your web traffic.

Why is this important?

Recognizing and reducing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is a major challenge today.

Companies, whether very large, medium or small, can all be a scapegoat when it comes to such attacks.

The majority, i.e. 80% of DDoS attacks, are network layer attacks (layer 3 or 4). Application layer attacks affect the application running the service (layer 7) and are more difficult to detect.

Both network layer and application layer attacks are perilous threats to businesses.

Our approach

UBIKA leverages DDoS protection technology made in OVH to detect SYN flooding attacks, UDP flooding attacks, amplification attacks, spoofed IP addresses, malformation or amplification attacks, etc. Hosted at OVH, UBIKA Cloud Protector is a highly scalable SaaS WAAP that easily adapts to your peak web traffic. This aspect of scalability is important for countering Layer 7 DDoS because it helps you contain the attack. More importantly, you benefit from carrier-level anti-DDoS technologies as a first line of defense, even before WAAP. Both of our plans, including the entry-level Business plan, offer unlimited DDoS protection at no additional cost.

Convincing results from our approach.

Proven ability to mitigate attacks

Up to 1.3 Tbps. 17 Tbps of total network capacity. Mitigation is activated in seconds.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan includes advanced security, multi-factor authentication, IP reputation and phone support.

Strong SLA commitment

against volumetric and application layer DDoS.

Strong throughput mitigation capability

that is used to restrict traffic bursts.

Multi-vendor deployment

depending on your needs.

Intuitive graphical interface to secure

configure and automate your website.