Product flyer: UBIKA WAAP Container

A cloud native application protection solution to shift security left for your microservices and their APIs.

Use our containerized technology to blend homogeneous security, with agile release cycles, for your application development

Modern teams are going cloud native by moving to microservices based architecture. With the usage of microservices, east-west traffic is growing too. It is critical to secure this lateral traffic to reduce available attack surface in internal systems.

Moreover, attacks highlighted in OWASP Top 10 are still relevant for cloud native applications. In addition, some underrated attacks like credential stuffing also need to be taken into account. Integrating a security solution into your CI/CD toolchain involves human resource costs.

Many companies rely on powerful tools like SAST, DAST and SCA. However, these security testing tools are not sufficient anymore to ensure the security of your applications, especially against zero-day attacks.

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