Stop business logic abuse on your web applications or API channels with our bot mitigation engine.  

Why is it significant?

Powerful results of our approach

The bot mitigation capability is integrated into our solutionsUbika WAAP Gateway, Ubika WAAP Cloud, and Ubika WAAP Container. Powered by threat intelligence from the up-to-date real-time database of Webroot, we can detect malicious human-like bots that cause most web attacks. Our JavaScript based bot mitigation challenges block unwanted automated activity, while ensuring legitimate bots. 

Each challenge has an expiration date of a few seconds so that we can block the bot if the challenge is not resolved in the given time frame. The user needs to handle redirections, cookies and JavaScript to present a valid browser fingerprint. You also have multiple response options like rate limiting, blocking, captcha and so on. 

Powerful results of our approach

Protection of web apps and APIs

by preventing sophisticated bots and large-scale automated attacks.

Up to date “good bot” database

to care for user experience of legitimate users and authorized bots.

Behavioral fingerprints scoring models

to tell apart real users from automated attacks.

Strong rate limiting of unknown bot traffic

to your web applications or APIs.

IP reputation analysis using threat intelligence

by Webroot helps block dangerous bot traffic.

User- friendly dashboard

with insights to manage existing and upcoming threats proactively.

Our bot mitigation includes support for the OWASP Automated Threats to Web Applications

Some useful resources

How do I eliminate traffic from malicious bots without impacting legitimate users of my web applications?