Protect your web applications

For public and private sector organizations, our Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solutions prevent attacks on-premises and on any public or private cloud.

Our approach

Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) is an extension of the web application firewall role, driven by the need for organizations to better defend against multiple threat vectors while rapidly increasing the number of publicly available web applications and APIs. UBIKA provides a range of WAAP solutions with advanced security, using different form factors.

UBIKA WAAP Gateway / On Prem Edition is designed for companies that are highly regulated and want data to be kept in-house.

UBIKA WAAP Gateway / Cloud Edition is designed for enterprises that move their mission-critical web applications to the public cloud.

UBIKA Cloud Protector offers easy configuration and deployment for organizations that want to manage the solution more flexibly while ensuring the security of the application layer in the cloud

Need to protect your cloud-native applications? UBIKA helps you integrate security at the beginning of the software development life cycle (SDLC) at the speed of DevOps, with UBIKA WAAP Container.

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The trust of thought leaders in the application domain.

We are recognised by our customers as a Strong Performer in 2022 for web application and API protection solutions.

Why does it matter?

Web applications are at significant risk of being hacked. Today, attackers are clearly focused on the more vulnerable and easier to exploit application infrastructure.

Protecting these applications is becoming increasingly important as more and more vital business operations and sensitive information are stored there.

Failure to protect data or poor application availability can lead to loss of customer confidence and reputational damage.

Conventional security mechanisms such as network firewalls, intrusion prevention systems or next generation firewalls are no longer adequate

The proven results of our approach

Scalability in managing excess web traffic

when the load increases.

Reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)

through workflow automation.

Integration with your DevSecOps approach

enabling security as code.

Defense against major attacks

OWASP Top 10, zero-days, with powerful security engines.

False positive and false negative rates

with automated exception handling.

Ease of use thanks to graphical workflow

Fast, platform agnostic deployment on all platforms.

High availability and application performance

minimizing downtime of critical applications.

Support for compliance requirements

such as PCI and RGPD.

Reporting capabilities

to block future actions and remediate weaknesses in web applications.