Integrate security into your DevOps approach

Intensify your DevSecOps strategy by leveraging our containerized technology.

Why does this matter?

Traditional application security methods were not designed with speed and transparency in mind.

Therefore, it is essential to add another layer to the DevOps process by including shift-left techniques early in the build phase.

According to Gartner®, 90% of software development projects will adopt DevSecOps methods by 2022, up from 40% in 2019. In addition, security teams separated from DevOps teams lead to bottlenecks and wait times that stifle agility.

The goal is to break down these barriers by distributing security authority among all.

Our approach

UBIKA views application security as a continuous improvement process spanning development and operations. Besides shift left and CI/CD security, runtime protection is also an integral part of our DevSecOps approach. UBIKA WAAP Container is a cloud workload protection platform (CWPP), deployed as a container for each application. The security configuration resides very close to the application code itself and evolves with the workload. Our primary goal is to provide automated security, simplicity, visibility, speed and agility at scale for DevSecOps teams.

Successful results from our approach.


leveraging containers for portability, and reinforcing a multi-cloud architecture goal.

CI/CD Environment

Direct integration into the developer’s native CI/CD environment. Support for different environments.

Identical language

no need to learn a new language. Developers only need to provide common configuration files such as YAML and OpenAPI.

Automatic vulnerability correction

earlier with a positive security model in pre-production leads to minimal false positives later.

Continuous threat detection and analysis

both during testing and in production, improving application security and stability.

DevSecOps approach

Collaboration between personas by incorporating the DevSecOps way of writing workflows in Golang -Workflow as Code.

Broad coverage of potential attacks

zero-days, DoS, credential stuffing, well beyond the OWASP Top 10 for your cloud native applications.

Fast release cycles

and agile delivery process to accelerate digital transformation.