Our solutions

UBIKA solutions offer comprehensive web application and API protection to large public and private customers, with UBIKA being particularly represented among financial institutions as well as central and local government entities.

Our solutions by use case

Protect your web applications

For public and private sector organizations, our Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solutions prevent attacks on any public or private cloud.

Improve your API security posture

Protect your internal and external APIs from abuse, exploits, access violations, and denial of service (DoS) attacks with our API-first approach.

Detect and mitigate malicious bots

Stop business logic abuse on your web or API channels with our bot mitigation engine.

Defend against DDoS attacks

Strengthen your security with our anti-DDoS protection that automatically adapts to your web traffic

Integrate security into your DevOps approach

Intensify your DevSecOps strategy by leveraging our containerized technology.

Implement a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

Scale beyond your data centers while reducing vendor lock-in risk.

Our solutions by industry


Support your customers against emerging threats with secure, enhanced and compliant digital experiences.

Public & local authorities

Protect government organizations that handle sensitive data in a risk-averse environment under constant attack.


Prevent web application and API attacks, denial of service, SQL injections, etc. by securing your supply chain.


Helping healthcare delivery organizations mitigate cybersecurity risks and protect patient data.


Secure cloud-based digital marketplaces against financial fraud, malicious bots, DDoS attacks, among others, while ensuring data compliance.

Our solutions

SRE & DevOps

Deliver secure, high-quality code in less time by bringing together the right security tools, culture and CI/CD automation

Infra & IT Operations

UBIKA connects the people in your organization with the processes, technologies and services needed to detect, prevent and combat cyber threats.


UBIKA helps you adopt cloud adoption strategies, cloud native approaches, including DevSecOps, where appropriate, accelerating digital transformation.