Implement a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

Scale beyond your data centers while reducing the risk of vendor dependency

Why is this important?

A multi-hybrid cloud architecture encompasses multiple public cloud providers as well as public and private implementations.

Multicloud offers the opportunity to reduce vendor dependency, ensure resiliency and optimize costs.

According to Gartner, more than 90 percent of enterprises that adopt cloud computing will adopt a multicloud infrastructure and platform strategy by 2025.

Enterprises need different cloud deployment models to host their diverse applications. The hybrid cloud combines the agility, flexibility and scalability of the public cloud with the control, compliance and reliability of the private cloud.

Our approach

UBIKA allows you to combine your on-premises infrastructure with a public cloud. After implementation, you can use a cloud-based load balancer to spread the load across the two regions. If you have multiple application instances, it’s always safer to deploy WAAP near the application.

You can make it easier to protect your application in the public cloud by using UBIKA WAAP Gateway / Cloud Edition, deployed on public marketplaces (such as AWS, Azure and GCP).

The other way would be to combine a private cloud with a public cloud. In cases where the same application resides in both the public and private cloud, a WAAP SaaS like UBIKA Cloud Protector would be ideal for managing your security effortlessly.

The proven results of our cloud-first approach

Reliable private cloud model

for companies that want to protect sensitive data in their private data center servers.

GDPR Compliance

With private cloud, EU citizens know exactly where data is hosted, how it is handled and protected, thanks to GDPR.

Public Cloud Flexibility

by processing less sensitive transactions and keeping more sensitive data in-house.

Highly available VMs around the clock

for organizations that need flexibility.

Powerful volumetric anti-DDoS protection

protection with large public cloud environments.

Flexible pricing model

The “Pay as you go” pricing model provides flexibility and scalability for your applications.

Looking for a place to host your applications on the cloud?

Get superior protection for your hybrid and multi-cloud architecture with UBIKA Cloud Protector.