Improve your API security posture

Protect your internal and external APIs from attacks, exploits, access violations, and denial of service (DoS) with our API-first approach.

Why does this matter?

API attacks will become the most common attack vector by 2022, according to Gartner, resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.

APIs that are not secure can result in multi-million dollar security breaches.

Third-party APIs introduce dependencies and failure risks, which is especially dangerous for mission-critical applications.

Traditional web application security solutions do not cover all the security risks APIs face, including many of those listed in OWASP’s Top 10 API Security.

Our multi-layered approach

At UBIKA, API security is our top priority. We believe that API security should be pervasive – an integral part of your API planning, design and development process. We provide the precise know-how and WAAP solution set to help you leverage this “API first” approach. UBIKA WAAP Gateway / On prem Edition, UBIKA WAAP Gateway / Cloud Edition and UBIKA WAAP Container secure your public, private and shadow APIs simply and easily. These solutions provide both API threat protection and API access control.

API threat protection is about detecting and blocking attacks on APIs. To do this, we inject the client’s OpenAPI v3 file into the solution and apply it to the API traffic flow based on the elements described in the OpenAPI convention. In addition to this positive security model, we also enable a negative security model with some generic security engines, built on 20 years of expertise that protect you from vulnerability exploitation.

API access control allows you to use standards such as JSON web token (JWT) to control which applications and users can access your APIs.

Together, we provide a robust security strategy for your APIs.

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They trust us

We are recognised by our customers as a Strong Performer in 2022 for web application and API protection solutions.

Proven results from our approach

Defense against major breaches

and API attacks such as credential stuffing, account takeover, supply chain attacks, etc.

Secure communication

between your legacy, hybrid, and cloud native applications using microservices.

Shifting left

with a positive security model through schema validation against the OpenAPI v3 file.

JSON Web Token

to control access to APIs through authentication and authorization.

Data leakage prevention

with outbound filtering capabilities to know what client applications are sending.

Rate limiting

to prevent denial of service (DoS) and authentication vulnerabilities such as brute force attacks.

Making life easier for developers

by providing well-documented APIs in simple formats (YAML/JSON).

Broad coverage

by protecting all types of APIs like REST, SOAP, GraphQL, etc.

Detailed activity tracking

activity and threats via access and security logs.

Our API protection includes support for the OWASP Top 10 API Security.

  • Broken authorization at the object level
  • Failed user authentication
  • Excessive data exposure
  • Lack of resource rate limiting
  • Function-level authorization not respected
  • Inadequate asset management
  • <liMass allocation

  • Injection
  • Misconfiguration of security
  • Inadequate logging and monitoring