UBIKA Cloud Protector

Get effective security for your public facing web applications & APIs, within 5 minutes.

Your application security challenges
before UBIKA Cloud Protector​

Need to update the WAF

The longer you delay, the longer you are at risk of outdated components like OpenSSL, TLS, OS.

Inability to scale in cloud

Managing increased web traffic is difficult, often resulting in an incapacity to answer all the user requests.

The security of web applications

The rise of shadow IT applications can go against organizations’ compliance requirements.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ​

No upfront costs. No other investment related to hardware installation, replacement, maintenance, or software upgrades. The subscription based pricing, which depends on consumption, makes it an ideal and flexible solution. ​

Scale up effectively with your business

Sudden increase in web traffic? UBIKA Cloud Protector quickly rises to the challenge and easily scales up to meet your additional needs. The entire process is very transparent and completely managed by our infrastructure.

Achieve high availability and performance goals ​

Thanks to its SLA commitment, UBIKA Cloud Protector will not let you down. It provides robust protection against application and network DDoS attacks. Acceleration, compression and global caching enhances your web site performance.

Provide actionable insights for optimized user experience​

Gather the logs and export them to a SIEM solution, so that no threat goes undetected. Comprehensive dashboards allow stakeholders to interpret their systems’ operational status quickly and easily. ​

Delegate your security to focus on your core business

Our Managed Security Services (MSS) help you monitor, detect, and respond proactively to advanced threats while reducing false positive rate to a minimum. Our expert security professionals reduce your operational costs, time & efforts by managing the solution including new tunnel configuration, security log analysis, false positive management, monthly security reporting etc. You get transparent insights into our pricing model.

What makes us stand out?

Trustworthy. European. Sovereign​

  • A sovereign solution – it ensures that your data resides within the EU.
  • GDPR compliance ensures data privacy for every EU citizen.
  • Not subject to Overseas laws like Cloud Act.
  • Our technical support team helps you when you need them.
  • For our SaaS solution, we guarantee quality hosting, in one of Europe’s leading data centers (Telehouse), with highly secure infrastructure.

20 years of proven expertise​​

For over 20 years, we’ve been working to keep your applications, APIs, and data secure. Protect your applications with our security engines, signature matching, rate limiting, two-factor authentication, geolocation, and IP reputation filtering capabilities. We also enable enterprises to secure their cloud-native applications by integrating security at the development stage.

Multi Deployement

An application can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both, by the customer and even offered in SaaS mode. Our web application firewall portfolio has a set of comprehensive solutions based on your needs. They use the same technologies built on 20 years of proven expertise, with different form factors, to combat your challenges.

  • Presence in the major Cloud providers marketplaces (AWS, Azure, GCP).
  • Cloud automation and cloud agnostic.
  • Integrate security at the speed of DevOps and in your CI/CD pipeline.

Benefits of our solutions​

  • Defense against major attacks
  • Balance between false positives and false negatives rate
  • Easy and quick deployment across platforms
  • Scalability in managing excess web traffic
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Integration with your DevSecOps approach
  • High availability and performance of applications

Discover our plans

Enterprise Business
Standard security
Protection agaisnt OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
Advanced security
Policy choices and exception managements
Terminaison SSL
Layer 3 and Layer 7 Anti-DDoS protection
Two factors Authentication (2FA)
Confirmation method using a combination of 2 different factors
IP Reputation
Blocks users based on their behavior and context
Cloud Features
To manage any type of traffic at any time
Secure thousands of different websites from a single access
Bandwidth 20 Mbps 0,5 Mbps
Standard reports: easy-to-read, graphical reports on bandwidth usage,
attack rates, response time and more. Summary reports to send
via email to administrators

Support will respond to any queries you may have via email
Only Enterprise subscribers will be able to reach support directly by phone