Defend your cloud deployed applications, APIs from advanced cyber threats with powerful custom workflows.

Typical use cases for a hybrid and multi cloud strategy


Covering the usual in-house traffic while coping with traffic peaks in one or more public clouds.


Keep sensitive transactions & data in-house, while processing less-sensitive transactions in one or more public clouds.


Covering usual transactions in-house, while performing high-consuming processes in one or more public clouds.

Want to adopt a “Cloud-first” approach ?

Get the best-in-breed application security from UBIKA WAAP Gateway

The solution uses an agnostic and unique security approach across different environments, while adjusting the specifics when needed.

  • Isoperimeter functionality in physical, VM, or Cloud.
  • Ability to combine deployment modes.

Automate your infrastructure deployment in the cloud

– The solution is presence in the marketplaces of the major Cloud providers. (AWS, Azure, GCP, OutScale)

Terraform deployment templates are available and configurable.

Optimize costs in both Build & Run phases being DevOps oriented

The solution employs a DevSecOps approach with API deployment, automation, and auto-scaling.

Auto-scaling: add / remove instances based on load.

– Two types of licenses: Perpetual license (BYOL) & Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) that improves cost predictability and internal cost allocation.

Integrate deployment & security into DevOps cycles

The more accurate a security model is in identifying an attack, the lower the false positives. It is not only important how fast an exception is created but also how accurate it is. The automatic resolution feature automatically creates exceptions in security exception profiles and allows the resolution of one to several hundred logs at the same time.

Customer success story

See how SNCF Connect profited from automation and advanced integration in AWS

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