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UBIKA helps CISOs and CIOs adopt cloud adoption strategies, cloud native approaches including DevSecOps, wherever appropriate, accelerating digital transformation. 

Is UBIKA right for you?

Stories about UBIKA for CISOs

“Serious, Stable and Efficient WAF Solution” 

“We are very happy of this solution. We deploy it for both internal and external uses. The vendor is very reactive and listen our needs. The support is quite nice, and the technical experts have high level of knowledge.” 

Chief Service Officer in the Government Industry 

Why working with us

Gain more ROI on your security investment

with innovative technologies that continue to evolve to adapt to the changing threat landscape with API attacks, credential stuffing, supply chain attacks and more.

Get DevSecOps oriented security solutions

that your developers and engineers will love and that will help them move fast, complementing the other solutions they already have in place.

Increase the use of automation in the cloud

to cut down human costs, address scalability issues while supporting a hybrid and multi cloud environment.

Deliver a positive user experience and satisfaction

with high availability, performance, security and good quality of applications.

Have peace of mind

knowing you have more control and real-time visibility over your security by tracking and gathering insights that can help you recognize red flags and mitigate the effect of a security incident.

Get DDOS protection and meet data protection regulations

and requirements such as GDPR to avoid the risks of non-compliance like heavy penalties, legal troubles, reputational harm and more.

Outsource your security with UBIKA

Talent shortage and overhead costs? You can outsource your security with UBIKA Cloud Protector offered as a Managed Security Service and focus instead on your core priorities.

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