RSSI or DSI: develop a scalable security strategy with UBIKA

UBIKA helps you adopt cloud strategies and cloud-native approaches, including DevSecOps, accelerating your digital transformation.

Is UBIKA right for you?

You want to be proactive and reactive, adapt to the threat landscape and change your compartmentalised working methods.

There are too many problems to focus on, given the number of different technologies, the expansion of the attack surface and the range of skills required.

You want to use automation to improve and accelerate your processes and activities.

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    Years of experience

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    Scalable and automated

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    Customers put their trust in our solutions

The trust of opinion leaders in the field of applications

We have been recognised by our customers as a “Strong Performer” in 2022 for web application and API protection solutions.

Why work with us?

Get better ROI on security.

thanks to innovative technologies that adapt to the changing threat landscape (API attacks, credential stuffing, supply chain attacks, etc.).

Get devSecOps-oriented security solutions.

that your developers and engineers will love and that will help them move forward quickly, complementing the other solutions they already have in place.

Increase the use of automation in the cloud.

to reduce human costs, resolve scalability issues and support hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Offer a positive experience and satisfaction.

users thanks to the high availability, performance, security and quality of its applications.

Get peace of mind.

Knowing that you have more control and real-time visibility over your security through monitoring and information gathering that can help you recognise weak signals and mitigate the effects of a security incident.

Benefit from DDOS protection.

and comply with data protection regulations and requirements, such as the RGPD, to avoid the risks of non-compliance such as heavy penalties, legal trouble, reputational damage, etc.

Shortage of talents and overhead ?

You can outsource your security with UBIKA Cloud Protector as a managed security service and focus on your core priorities.

Discover what we can do for you today!