Extended API

Enhance UBIKA WAAP Gateway and UBIKA WAAP Cloud with an effective API security strategy

DevSecOps statistics in a Nutshell

Is security integrated or part of the DevOps process? Which security tools are most commonly used? Which cloud do you use? These are the questions we asked C-level IT security managers in their DevSecOps approach.


Avoid patching panic. Benefit from UBIKA’s efficient virtual patching solutions and YesWeHack’s proven testing capabilities.

UBIKA Cloud Protector

The easy-to-use SaaS solution that provides effective protection in minutes for your web applications that are exposed to the Internet.

Summit 2023

On Monday 30 January 2023 UBIKA organised its annual user conference in an emblematic location, the new Cyber Campus in Puteaux.


It is a comprehensive solution offering a full range of capabilities for managing application security at the enterprise level. Designed to protect critical enterprise applications, including legacy applications and custom APIs, from complex attacks while meeting data privacy requirements, it is suitable for any customer environment and supports high-performance global web applications and ongoing new software development.

UBIKA WAAP Gateway – Business Edition

Combine essential security features in a simple, cost-effective bundle. This bundle includes security services such as the Web Application Firewall for unlimited applications, IP reputation and Web Access Manager (including Web SSO) to enhance your protection.

UBIKA WAAP Container

Help build the cloud-native application protection solution to move security to the left for your microservices and their APIs.

Defend against OWASP API Security Top 10

Discover at a glance how UBIKA, thanks to its approved security solutions, can help you deal with the most common API security threats identified in the OWASP API Security Top 10.

How to mitigate critical attacks using Cloud Protector?

This white paper discusses how a SaaS WAAP (cloud first) solution can effectively combat all of your problems. We will discuss some important vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to strengthen your web applications against them.

4 Best Practices for DevSecOps

Companies looking to integrate security into their DevOps workflow need to adopt best practices that unify application development, operations and quality assurance teams under the DevSecOps banner.