UBIKA by DenyAll SUMMER EVENT with 3R Technologie

For many years, UBIKA by DenyAll has maintained relations with Ivorian companies through its partner 3R Technologie. Recent changes (takeover and change of name) have led UBIKA to strengthen its links with the cybersecurity ecosystem, thanks to this event dedicated to the Ivorian community!

An intimate and exclusive event, this dinner welcomed senior cybersecurity managers from major companies in Côte d’Ivoire under the theme “How to expose your sensitive web applications and APIs securely”.

Organisations are increasingly using web applications that rely on APIs. The technology offered by UBIKA makes it possible to block OWASP Top 10 attacks targeting web applications and APIs.

Organisations are increasingly using web applications based on APIs. UBIKA’s technology blocks the OWASP Top 10 attacks on web applications and APIs.

Posted ago by Fabien

Assistant Webmarketing @ Ubika