UBIKA and 6cure technology partnership

UBIKA and 6cure announce a strategic partnership agreement to strengthen the protection of their customers’ critical assets.

6cure specialist in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection solutions, and UBIKA, French leader in Web Application and API (WAAP) protection, have entered into a partnership agreement, which now offers 6cure’s on-prem DDoS protection to extend UBIKA WAAP Gateway On-prem edition, UBIKA’s on-prem application security solution.

About 6cure:

Founded in 2010, 6cure specialises in combating a wide variety of DDoS, volumetric, logical and application attacks against all types of IT infrastructure. 6cure provides security solutions to companies in a wide range of sectors, either directly or via their operators or ISPs.

UBIKA WAAP Gateway -on prem Edition, complemented by 6cure, will offer customers transparent, flexible and automatic DDoS protection in their own networks, data centres and self-hosted environments using the Threat Protection solution.

Main benefits of the partnership:

  • Combined expertise: UBIKA and 6cure bring technological expertise and extensive experience in cybersecurity, 6cure high-quality solutions.
  • Innovation : The partnership will promote the ongoing research and development of new cutting-edge techniques to combat constantly evolving threats.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers will benefit from advanced security solutions, protecting their critical assets.
  • Sovereignty: UBIKA and 6cure are joining forces to provide solutions that are committed to responding to cybersecurity threats, ensuring the security of their customers, whose sovereignty is a major issue.

“Our partnership with 6cure enables us to offer robust DDoS protection capabilities. The combination of our highly complementary technologies will offer our customers a strengthened protection solution,” said Stéphane de Saint Albin, CEO of UBIKA.

For his part, Fabrice Clerc, CEO of 6cure, said: “6cure and UBIKA have come together to consider a high value-added collaboration. Indeed, the partnership between 6cure and UBIKA is based on the complementary nature of their respective solutions, and their compatibility in terms of deployment, integration, and management. It reflects the partners’ desire to offer customers a range of sovereign solutions, to ensure broad and controlled protection of their infrastructures and information systems.”

The two companies plan to deepen their collaboration to provide integrated solutions in terms of management, administration and packaging.

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