UBIKA and Nameshield technology partnership

UBIKA and Nameshield announce a strategic partnership agreement to strengthen the protection of their customers’ critical assets.

UBIKA is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Nameshield, a leading provider of domain name and DNS infrastructure security solutions. The combination of the offers: Cloud Protector and DNS Premium will bring a higher level of security to customers, allowing them to benefit from both Best-in-class technologies in terms of application security and DNS protection.

About Nameshield:

Nameshield secures its customers’ mission-critical domain names and associated mission-critical services. For nearly 30 years Nameshield has been developing a comprehensive service for the management, protection, monitoring and remediation of these strategic assets, targeting CAC40 majors as well as ETIs, SMEs or administrations, from all business sectors, in France as well as in Europe.

The aim of this partnership is to combine the skills and resources of two major players in cyber security made in France to offer their customers comprehensive protection solutions. Together, UBIKA and Nameshield will work on integrating their technologies to meet the growing cybersecurity challenges faced by their customers.

Main benefits of the partnership:

  • Combined expertise: UBIKA and Nameshield bring extensive technological expertise and experience in cybersecurity, guaranteeing high-quality solutions.
  • Innovation: the partnership will promote the ongoing research and development of new cutting-edge techniques to combat constantly evolving threats.
  • Customer satisfaction: customers will benefit from advanced security solutions, protecting their critical digital assets.
  • Sovereignty: UBIKA and Nameshield are joining forces to provide solutions that are committed to responding to cybersecurity threats, ensuring the security of their customers, for whom sovereignty is a major issue.

“This partnership marks our desire to develop alliances with players in the sovereign cybersecurity ecosystem,” said Stéphane de Saint Albin, CEO of UBIKA. In a context where attacks are multi-vector, we are doing everything we can to provide, with our partners, concrete answers to our customers in the face of growing threats. “

Nameshield is enthusiastic about this partnership. It confirms our desire to increasingly raise awareness of DNS-related risks in the cyber ecosystem. “Businesses depend on DNS to be accessible online. Web, email, applications, VPN, IoT… rely on DNS and it is increasingly targeted by cyber attacks. Where UBIKA secures the application, Nameshield secures access to it. The combination of our respective services provides our customers with complete security for their web applications.

Both companies enthusiastically anticipate future collaboration opportunities and the benefits they will bring to their respective customers.

Posted ago by Fabien

Assistant Webmarketing @ Ubika