SRE and DevOps progress faster with UBIKA

Deliver secure, high-quality code in less time by bringing together the right security tools, the right culture and CI/CD automation.

Is UBIKA right for you?

You know that you need to protect the entire application lifecycle, and you want to have continuous security testing while your application is running.

You’re tired of maintaining redundant API specifications and security policies and you’re ready to automatically generate security policies.

You want to control security and take as little time as possible to integrate new tools with existing ones.

As a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), you want to increase delivery speed and improve collaboration between teams, while focusing on system reliability.

Stories about UBIKA for DevOps teams

KuppingerCole wrote Executive View about UBIKA WAAP Container, saying that “this solution integrates at the container or pod level to strengthen the protection of web applications and APIs”.

Why work with us

Work happier by integrating security configuration as close to the application as possible, which is a new approach to modern application security that reduces false positives in production.

Successfully code in complete safety

By effortlessly integrating the security solution into your existing workflow, language and tools. Everything is transparent and automated for you.

Deploy efficiently

On site, in the cloud or in containers, by aligning your teams and processes. Get the autonomy to write part of the security policy.

Work better

By integrating security configuration as close as possible to the application, which is a new approach to modern application security that reduces false positives in production.

Correct quickly

New high-severity vulnerabilities using customised rules and have more time afterwards to make an appropriate correction according to your schedule.

With this philosophy of Shift left

We provide remediation advice to solve problems earlier in the pre-production phase, when it is cheaper and easier to resolve the problem.

DevSecOps Community

Get the latest news and trends in application security, interact with a community of developers, cloud and security experts and UBIKA members. Share your knowledge and best practices in developing and deploying secure applications. Be part of this community, join us and together we will create the future of application security!