Key considerations when choosing a Web Application Firewall

This white paper examines the key considerations for selecting a powerful WAAP that can solve all your problems.

Whitepaper: Key considerations when choosing a web application firewall. This whitepaper digs into the key considerations for selecting a powerful WAAP

You often rely on more than 100 web applications for day-to-day business operations. And you know this is one of the most common sources of data leaks today, as cybercriminals use methods that target potential vulnerabilities in the software of the web applications. Traditional security systems such as network firewalls or intrusion prevention systems (IPS) no longer provide sufficient protection.

Because application and API protection is essential to your enterprise, you want Web Application Firewalls (WAFS) to protect your business.

  • Are you looking to purchase a WAF?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your current solution?
  • How do you choose the best security mechanism for your web applications and APIs?

We’ve compiled all the criteria you need to select the best technology for your enterprise in this white paper. Simply evaluate WAF solutions step-by-step using these criteria

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